October 05, 2021

The Best Food Delivery Platforms for Restaurants in India


Just like any fast-paced industry, the food and beverage industry experiences constant changes in terms of consumer behaviour and trends. None have been more poignant than the shifts caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. As traditional dine-in restaurant experiences were brought to a screeching halt, we found ourselves in the midst of an F&B transformation, one that’s only gained momentum and is here to stay: the online food delivery boom.

Already in 2020, India’s online food delivery market was valued at over US$4 billion, a huge increase from the $2.9 billion figure from the previous year. And the market shows no signs of slowing down. It makes sense that food delivery platform giants like Swiggy, Zomato, and a growing number of smaller companies are entering the scene for a chance to claim a share of the booming market, which is projected to reach US$ 13 billion by 2025.

What are the major food delivery platforms in India?


India is starting to offer more food delivery options to consumers, but the clear leaders for several years running are Swiggy and Zomato. They have a stronghold on the market with a combined 90% market share.

But that hasn’t stopped other players from entering the game, like e-commerce behemoth, Amazon. They’ve made a strong entrance into the Indian market and are giving the likes of Swiggy and Zomato a run for their money.

Finding the Best Food Delivery Platform for Your Restaurant

Choosing the food delivery platform partners that are best suited for your business needs is an important step. Just like every business-related decision you make, it’s best to do your research and know exactly what your options are and what they offer. So, here we’ve broken down the major platforms in India for you to help you compare and determine which one is right for you. 



Swiggy is India’s largest and most popular food delivery platform. It was founded in 2014 and the app has since grown to over 5 billion installations, making it a household name for anyone interested in ordering food online or via a few taps on their mobile phone.

Business owners praise Swiggy for its easy setup and administration. Consumers like Swiggy for their quality service, their payment method offerings, and their wide variety of choices from all the major restaurants in India.



Zomato started in 2008 in India and is widely used as a reliable restaurant finder and as a source for restaurant reviews, menus, and food delivery. Zomato is a favourite among customers and is right up there with Swiggy in terms of quality service, and fast delivery, and offers vast selections of food types and restaurants.

Zomato has an extensive network, with delivery services in almost every location, from urban to more remote areas. They now service over 30 million active users per month – customers in over 500 cities throughout India.

Amazon Food


If there’s anyone who can launch and succeed in the middle of a pandemic, it’s Amazon. Last May, Amazon opened up India’s food delivery service and now has over 2,500 certified restaurants and CloudKitchens® delivery kitchen using their platform to deliver food orders to consumers’ doorsteps. Also, when Amazon Food first launched in May 2020, it serviced only 4 zip codes. In March 2021, it expanded its services to 62 zip codes in Bangalore.

An attractive incentive that Amazon Food offers is free delivery for Amazon Prime members on all their orders, while non-members pay a small delivery fee of ₹19.

Which Food Delivery Platform to Choose?


Now that you’re equipped with more information about some key food delivery platforms in India and what their offerings are, you’re in a better position to choose which company is best suited for your needs. Whether you choose to partner up with one of the 2 giants, Swiggy or Zomato, or rising star, Amazon Food, your ultimate success boils down to your delicious food offerings and your stellar menu that keeps loyal customers coming back for more.

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