Choosing the right cloud kitchen facility and location in India


India is famed for its incredible and delectable cuisine as it incorporates a range of regional and cultural influences. From restaurants that serve a mix of authentic dishes like pav bhaji and many different variations of paneer to street food vendors that attract legions of people hungry for popular snacks like pani puri and bhel puri, there is no denying that India is home to a tantalising culinary scene. This makes it the ideal place to establish a cloud kitchen facility, especially considering that the Indian online food delivery market was worth approximately 4.35 billion US dollars in 2020. This number is expected to hit 13 billion by 2025, making the country of 1.3 billion people a haven when it comes to cloud kitchen locations. 

Why choose KitchenPlus


With cloud kitchen facilities in major cities including Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Gurgaon, KitchenPlus already has a solid foothold in India and is set to further penetrate the multi-billion dollar market going forward. Furthermore, our cloud kitchen facilities are outfitted with the latest equipment and are situated in prime locations, providing all the key ingredients for you to set up a thriving business.

Plenty of customers


With India being the second-most populous country in the world, the customer base to tap into at every one of our cloud kitchen locations is immense. 

Let’s look at two of the biggest cities we are located in – Mumbai and Delhi. In Powai, an upscale neighbourhood in Mumbai with a population of over 2.1 million, there are over 500,000 households within a 15-minute motorcycle ride of our cloud kitchen facility. The area is also considered Mumbai’s startup hub, and is likely to continue flourishing in the future. 

Over 500,000 households are within a 15-minute vicinity of our cloud kitchen facilities in Delhi as well, but spread across two of our cloud kitchen locations in GTB Nagar and Rajouri Garden. GTB Nagar has a population of over 1.5 million and is home to a big student community, while it also boasts an independent building nearby that caters to Delhi University.  

Big-time purchasing power


Purchasing power is pivotal for maintaining a financially healthy cloud kitchen facility. Many of our cloud kitchen locations are in densely populated areas where demand is high for food deliveries, meaning there is plenty of business to be done and lots of money to be made. 

Among the cloud kitchen locations we have already established, Udyog Vihar in Gurgaon has the highest purchasing power per capita at INR 374,139. With over 150,000 weekly food delivery orders in 2020 and our cloud kitchen facility being in the proximity of Cyber City and affluent residential areas, the possibilities are endless if you decide to open a cloud kitchen facility in this fast-growing and developing city.

Like Gurgaon, our facility in Whitefield, Bangalore is close to the biggest tech parks in the city, along with an additional 100,000 residents. With a purchasing power per capita of 271,797, Bangalore is a city on the rise, especially since it is becoming renowned for its up-scale neighbourhoods like Brookfield and Marathahalli.

Situated close to tech parks and wealthy residential areas, there will be plenty of demand for food deliveries, especially considering that our cloud kitchen facility in Bangalore had the highest number of weekly orders in 2020 at 273,773. The Gurgaon cloud kitchen location was also kept busy as it received 152,854 weekly orders. 

Who’s the competition


India has no shortage of restaurants and street food stalls in every location our cloud kitchen facilities are located. That being said, many of the options are limited to Indian dishes, with some being inspired from different regions of the country.

In GTB Nagar, some prominent restaurant chains, such as Subway, operate in the area, but many of the options offer a similar menu. With such a large student community in the area, there is a largely untapped market with different types of cuisine they may have never experienced before.

Our cloud kitchen facility in Sector 4, Noida, and Rajouri Garden are close to densely populated areas and prime buildings, where people will be eagerly waiting to chomp into delicious food. Opening a cloud kitchen facility in these two areas can be highly profitable, regardless of the type of cuisine being served, as they are in well-established locations with a large customer base.

Quick, delectable, and affordable food will be the aim if you opt to open a cloud kitchen facility in Mumbai, Bangalore, or Gurgaon. With many technology firms and startups popping up in all three cities, a lot of the restaurants are capable of handling the business lunch rush hour, which can be highly lucrative. Indian food, cafes, and pizza shops are common sights around our Powai, Whitefield, and Udyog Vihar cloud kitchen locations. Getting in on the act and providing a niche and appealing alternative will likely win you legions of dedicated customers. 

Exciting developments on the horizon

India is constantly taking steps towards the future and there are many exciting developments happening in the cities where our cloud kitchen facilities operate in.

One of the Indian government’s biggest projects is the Smart Cities Mission, which was launched in 2015. It revolves around the aim of developing 100 cities to make them more citizen-friendly and sustainable. With New Delhi and Bangalore being among the cities to benefit from the project, both locations will be even more ideal to set up a cloud kitchen facility.

Housing developments are also commonplace throughout India and the vicinity of all our cloud kitchen locations. With many buildings being erected, a cloud kitchen facility in any of our established localities will have access to growing demand from a larger number of food lovers.   

The rest of India awaits

KitchenPlus currently has six locations in many of India’s populous and most well-known cities, but is branching out and setting up cloud kitchen facilities in other areas such as Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata, and Ahmedabad. A vast and beautiful country awaits, it’s time to venture out and make great cuisine accessible throughout India. Get in touch with us now to learn more!

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