August 26, 2022

The Definitive Guide to Setting Up a Delivery Restaurant in India


There is no denying that immense changes are happening in the F&B industry worldwide, including in India. With so many people switching from dining in to ordering online due to restrictions imposed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the food delivery sector has soared to unprecedented levels. In India, the food delivery industry is brimming with potential as it is set to surge to US$13,998m this year. Given how lucrative the market is, many eateries are looking to capitalise on it by opening a delivery restaurants. One of the easiest ways to do this is through a CloudKitchen® delivery kitchen provider like KitchenPlus. Many food businesses have already made the transition, but some owners are still reluctant to fully commit to the idea of opening a delivery restaurant as there are many unknown variables in their eyes. To help provide a clearer insight into what it takes to set up a delivery restaurant, we have prepared an in-depth, step-by-step guide that is easy to follow. 

Guide to Setting Up a Delivery Restaurant

  1. Serious planning
  2. The best location
  3. The necessary equipment
  4. The right suppliers
  5. Great packaging
  6. Use multiple delivery platforms
  7. Start advertising

1. Serious planning


When considering launching a delivery restaurant, it is necessary to do a lot of comprehensive planning as it is important to have a clear plan of what you need before opening your doors. You will need to pick a location for your business, know how many chefs to employ, and have a budget for kitchen equipment and renovations. 

2. The best location


Selecting the perfect location for your delivery restaurant is vital as you want to be situated in an area with a lot of foot traffic and get plenty of online orders daily. The good thing about operating out of a CloudKitchen® delivery kitchen from KitchenPlus is that you will be based in a central location with an established customer base. 

In addition to the number of people, you need to be aware of your competitors and what they are serving. By doing this, you can ensure your delivery restaurant offers unique dishes and cuisine that entices locals and keeps orders coming in. 

3. The necessary equipment


You can’t make delectable food without the right equipment in your kitchen. Due to this, it is crucial to make a list of what you will need to purchase before opening your delivery restaurant. Prepare a budget as well and stick to it by only buying the kitchen equipment you really need. 

Also, don’t forget to get any specialised equipment that will be needed to prepare the type of cuisine your restaurant is known for. For example, if you are opening an Indian restaurant, you may need rice cookers, tandoors ovens and deep fryers. If you are having difficulties with this step, check out our guide.

4. The right suppliers

Having suppliers that you can rely on and who deliver fresh ingredients will be pivotal to the overall success of your delivery restaurant. With top-notch ingredients on hand, you can ensure your food really hits the spot. 

It is also worth trying to support smaller suppliers and those who source their products ethically. By doing this, you have a perfect unique selling point for your business that people will undoubtedly appreciate. 

5. Great packaging


You may not have thought of this, but the packaging used to hold your food is so important. Why you may ask? Simply put, you don’t want anything to spill or get cold when it is being delivered to your customers. This is why it is essential to ensure the packaging you use is airtight and heatproof. 

6. Use multiple delivery platforms


Don’t limit yourself to just one delivery platform, as you will restrict your business to a certain number of customers. If your delivery restaurant is accessible on multiple platforms, more money will be made! 

You might be worried about how to keep up with the orders, especially if they come from different delivery platforms. KitchenPlus’ CloudKitchen® delivery kitchens use the power of technology to provide a seamless and convenient solution in the form of a tablet. Through this piece of equipment, you will have access to all your orders in one place and will be able to focus on delivering top-quality food to your customers. 

7. Start advertising


Prior to opening your doors, you need to drum up some excitement about your delivery restaurant. You want to get people talking and have to use the power of social media to advertise your business. Provide an insight into the backstory of your eatery and why people should pick it instead of your competitors. Offering discounts and promotions are useful tactics as well as they will help in capturing the attention of the local community. 

In a nutshell, if you have the right advertising strategy in place, you will see a rise in orders and profit. 

Kickstart your delivery restaurant today

Now that you have finished our guide to setting up a delivery restaurant, you have all the knowledge required to launch a delivery restaurant! It’s time to take advantage of a burgeoning market that will continue to grow bigger and bigger. With 529.2 million people in India expected to be using food delivery platforms by 2026, nothing is stopping you from taking your food business to the next level! 

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