June 24, 2022

7 Best Healthy Food Delivery in India

Healthy Food Delivery in India

Are you sick of the sheer amount of eating processed and unhealthy food? Well, you are not alone! When looking at the Top Food Trends in 2022 for India, many trends show a movement away toward a healthier and more sustainable diet. Notably, there is a predicted rise in the popularity of plant-based food and the use of fresh local produce within India-which is provided by healthy food delivery services.

Have a look at our compiled list below for healthy food delivery services in India that will certainly provide the healthy food you need–the way you want it!

1Bombay Salad co.Google: 4.5⭐ (3,374)
Zomato: 4.7⭐ (3,292 )
~ ₹450 per meal
2Food DarzeeGoogle: 4.4⭐ (1,091)₹270 – ₹305 per meal
3CaterspointGoogle: 4.2⭐ (154)
Zomato: 4.1⭐ (57,600)
~ ₹300 per meal
4FitmealsGoogle: 4.3⭐ (62)
Zomato: 4.3⭐ (56)
~ ₹300 per meal
5EatfitGoogle: 4.3⭐ (98)~ ₹128 – ₹223 per meal
6ParaFit DeliversGoogle: 4.0⭐ (40)
Zomato: 4.2⭐ (7,399)
~ ₹300 per meal
7Calorie CareGoogle: 4.1⭐ (126)
Zomato: 4.0⭐ (209)
Veg meals: From ₹150 Non-Veg meals: From ₹280

#1. Bombay Salad co.

Bombay Salad co. Healthy Food Delivery India
Source: Bombay Salad co. Facebook

Bombay Salad co. is one of the leading healthy food delivery providers in India. With their wide variety of food, from smoothie bowls to customisable salads, they cater to both vegetarians and non-vegetarians the same. Be sure to give Bombay Salad a try to enjoy the harmonious balance between taste and health during your everyday meals!

#2. Food Darzee

Food Darzee Healthy Food Delivery India
Source: Food Darzee Facebook

Food Darzee’s ultimate aim is to make the world a healthier place through their many ventures—from meal plans to health coaching. 

With their meal plans, you have the ability to decide the number of days, the meals served each day and even the dishes that you want! Take a chance with Food Darzee today!

  • Details: Website & Menu
  • Social Media: Facebook & Instagram
  • Contacts: Tel (+91 9590 510 520) & Email
  • Price Range: ₹270 – ₹305 per meal
    • 7 days: ₹305 per meal
    • 14 days: ₹280 per meal
    • 30 days: ₹270 per meal
    • Custom: Varies

#3. Caterspoint

Caterspoint Healthy Food Delivery India
Source: Caterspoint Website

Caterspoint is a new venture that has been quick to establish a presence in the market. What makes them stand out from other healthy food delivery services is its appetite for innovation. With Caterspoint, you can rest assured that you will enjoy wholesome delicious meals, that are highly personalized and nutritious. 

If you want a taste of dishes you have never heard of before–like Spaghetti with Crock-Pot Mutton Ragu or Tempered Herb Basil Poha–then sign up for Caterspoint today!

#4. Fit Meals

Source: Fit Meals Facebook

To Fit Meals, healthy food is far from boring. With the ever-changing menu, you can be certain that you try a new dish or cuisine every day (each with a healthy twist)! You can take your pick from the existing meal plans or create your own specially tailored plan that fits your body type and food preference. 

Reach your weight, health and workout goals with Fit Meals today!

  • Details: Website & Menu
  • Social Media: Facebook & Instagram
  • Contacts: Tel (9100347480) & Email
  • Price Range: ~ ₹300 per meal
    • 1 week: ₹360 per meal
    • 2 weeks: ₹363 per meal
    • 4 weeks: ₹320 per meal

#5. Eat Fit Honestly Indian

Source: Eat Fit Honestly Indian Website

Eat Fit promises to serve wholesome and delicious Indian dishes made with real ingredients, zero trans fat, and lots of love! Sign up today and enjoy Indian Thali, Khichdi, Kulcha Burger and many more mouth-watering selections with their meal plans. 

#6. ParaFit Delivers

Source: ParaFit Delivers YouTube

ParaFit Delivers began with the vision of transforming lives through healthy eating and science. The meal plans offered by ParaFit Delivers reflects this through their delicate balance of macro ad micro requirements with fresh ingredients and exceptional taste. With ParaFit Delivers, you won’t have to compromise your health or fitness!

#7. Caloriecare

Source: Caloriecare Facebook

Caloriecare delivers healthy food right to your doorstep. Enjoy Caloriecare’s extreme flexibility and customisation, which even allows for altering meal plans to suit health requirements from diabetes, hypertension and ketogenic!

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