August 12, 2022

How to Increase Restaurant & Delivery Sales in India


All over the world, the F&B industry is ushering in a new era. India has not been exempt from this, and new food businesses in the country are trialling different ways to increase their restaurant and delivery sales. When starting, there is so much to get right, such as the location, the equipment, the chefs you employ and the suppliers who deliver your fresh ingredients. But, what does it truly take to become one of the powerhouses of the F&B industry in one of the world’s most populous countries?

The sales strategies your eatery adopts are integral to this as you have to create a unique persona and show what makes you different from the rest of the competition. Many businesses have accomplished that by operating out of delivery kitchens

How restaurant and delivery sales can increase through delivery kitchens


Delivery kitchens provide various benefits to food businesses, such as lower start-up costs and central locations with an already established customer base. Plus, eateries can hit the ground running in a matter of weeks, meaning all the components to the increasing restaurant and delivery sales are there. 

That being said, solely opening a delivery kitchen business is not a guaranteed recipe for success. Since there is so much more that goes into it, we at KitchenPlus will give you some advice on what steps to take to increase your restaurant and delivery sales.

Use social media to your advantage

Everyone is on social media nowadays, and utilising it correctly can take your business to incredible new heights. On the other hand, it can be extremely detrimental if you fail to use it properly. To ensure this doesn’t happen to your restaurant, here are a few tips:

  • Provide frequent updates

This may seem like a no-brainer, but many restaurant owners completely forget about their eatery’s social media accounts since they are busy focusing on other aspects of the business. Not posting updates regularly will result in customers losing interest in your brand, while some may even think you have gone out of business! 

Providing updates once or twice weekly will keep customers coming back and engaging with your content while also developing a more active interest in your business. If you can do this across many social media platforms, you will definitely see an increase in restaurant and delivery sales. 

  • Diversity is key

Having diverse content on your social media accounts is essential as no one wants to see the same old boring thing again and again. People want to see if there are any important updates or exciting promotions you are running instead of hearing you talk on and on about the brand. To make this step easy, keep this in mind – 80% of your content should be tailored to your target customers, while 20% can be about the business and building brand awareness. 

  • Know which platforms are best for your brand

It is important to research which social media platforms your customers are most active on. Knowing this lets you know which platforms your business needs to be on to increase restaurant and delivery sales. 

Get your customers talking


Preparing great food will get many people talking about your eatery, which will result in an influx of orders. Be wary that happy customers will sing your praises, while dissatisfied customers will also talk, but instead of lauding you, they will likely recommend that others not order from your eatery. 

One of the benefits of operating out of a delivery kitchen is it allows you to save money on numerous aspects of your business, which you can use to ensure the food is perfect. If your dishes deliver in taste and flavour, there will be a noticeable increase in your restaurant and delivery sales. 

The convenience of technology


Delivery kitchens incorporate the latest technology so that businesses can enjoy peace of mind when orders come through. Instead of it being chaotic in the kitchen, all orders will be available on one tablet, even if your eatery uses multiple food delivery platforms.

This allows you to keep track of every order and ensure you prepare the dishes exactly to your customers’ liking. If you do this consistently, nothing will stop your restaurant and delivery sales from increasing. 

An appetising menu


Creating an appealing menu is difficult as it is tough to cater to everyone. To increase restaurant and delivery sales, it is imperative that you understand how your customers read menus and adopt techniques that are advantageous to your business. Here are some of the ways you can do this: 

  • Think about how a customer will read your menu and which sections their eyes will be drawn to first
  • Use photos to entice them to order some of the most popular and profitable items 
  • Keep your menu as simple as possible! No one wants to spend a long time working out a complex menu 
  • Use colours and fonts that are visually appealing 

To learn more about designing your menu in a way that catches the eye of your customers, you can read our blog

Another thing your menu will teach you is how to understand the profit margins of each dish. Recipe costing, as it is known, is an integral process in increasing restaurant and delivery sales. If you know which items on your menu are the most profitable, you can use the power of promotions to encourage customers to order those dishes. If you want to delve deeper into recipe costing, you can find everything you need to know here.  

Get started in a delivery kitchen today

Given the many benefits of delivery kitchens, there is a clear pathway for eateries to increase their restaurant and delivery sales. If you want to learn more about opening a delivery kitchen business, fill in the form below to contact us today!

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