May 13, 2022

The Biggest Food Trends for India in 2022


The F&B industry is one that is constantly being affected by food trends and people’s changing behaviours and desires. With individuals becoming increasingly concerned with how food influences their health – especially in the middle of a pandemic – it’s understandable that some new food trends have come about and impacted the F&B sector. With big changes in how businesses will operate, we at Kitchen Plus India have outlined the biggest food trends in India in 2022.

Eating more fruits and vegetables

An increasing number of people have adopted the mindset that revolves around eating more fruits and vegetables, and decreasing their intake of meat. Such diets have become hugely popular lately, as people find different paths to creating healthier lives for themselves. A perfect example to illustrate this is the Mediterranean diet, which has constantly been the best choice for health-conscious individuals over the years due its amazing health benefits.

This eating trend has been so influential on the F&B industry that there have been numerous new companies popping up that focus on creating revolutionary plant-based protein options, like Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods. While virtually everyone has heard of these two behemoths, India has seen a rapid rise of plant-based food businesses sprouting up, such as Ahimsa Food and Good Dot. 

Meals at home

More time spent at home due to COVID-19, whether by choice or mandated restrictions, has been the norm around the world and India is no different. As a result, more and more people have been learning to cook to greater extents at home, rather than venturing out to crowded restaurants and the risks they may pose.

Certain food trends may come and go, but as more people buy high-end equipment like air fryers and multi-cookers and become more capable cooks, they’re realising that home-style cooking might be here to stay as it is a lot of fun. Furthermore, they have control over what ingredients they use and what they want to cook, whether that be healthier versions of popular Indian snacks like bhel puri or mouth-watering main dishes like pav bhaji and biryani.

Food powered by AI

With technology improving leaps and bounds across most sectors, the F&B industry has been experiencing the ripple effect and increasingly adopted this trend, making changes that include the use of artificial intelligence to meet demands despite the shortage of labour. Robots that not only deliver food to customers, but ones that may even cook food from scratch, have come into existence, creating a food trend powered by the pandemic. A startup based out of Bengaluru even recently released one such robot called NOSH, that can cook 120 delicious Indian recipes practically by itself.

Transparency is truth

People are curious about their food, and they want to know where it comes from and what it’s made from, too. In fact, in this Innova Consumer Survey, 6 out of every 10 consumers have expressed some desire for greater transparency in what composes their food.

Given that, it’s no wonder that one of the biggest F&B trends will be an ever greater understanding of where our food comes from, what it’s made of, and how the ingredients have been stored. With the usage of cutting edge technology like blockchain alongside the Internet of things, this has now become a realistic demand.

Immunity-boosting food choices

Nobody likes getting sick, even more so in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Becoming healthier and building a more resilient immune system by taking supplements or sinking your teeth into foods full of nutrients like bell peppers, turmeric, yoghurt and spinach is one of the food trends that is well-worth keeping up with.

Online orders and groceries galore

Never before has ordering food of all sorts from online sources been so ubiquitous. Even in India itself, statistics show that its market share will reach US$13,988 million this year. And if that doesn’t surprise you, further studies from Deutsche Bank estimate that the online grocery industry is set to surge to unprecedented heights as, in the United States, it will drastically rise to $120 billion in sales by 2025. If that is what’s predicted for America, the online grocery industry in India looks incredibly promising as well.

Creating less food waste

Unnecessary food waste is an issue that many people have been trying to solve for a long time, but it has been gaining even greater traction as an eating trend and one the F&B industry has tried to abide by in recent years. Many movements have popped up in India to combat this issue, such as No Food Waste and Feeding India by Zomato.  In addition, technological developments have been made by companies like Apeel that allow 3D printing of food, but also the creation of an edible second-skin made from unwanted agricultural products that give perishable foods a much longer shelf life.

Growing food right downtown

When you think of agriculture, you generally think of fields full of grain or other such produce. However, these days, a fast-growing trend in the F&B industry involves businesses doing the same in large urban environments. So called “ultraurban farms” have recently risen in prominence in India too, with companies like Growing Greens and UGF Farming, leading the charge.

Cashless payments

It’s no wonder with how little money people carry with them these days, cashless payment options are a rising F&B trend. Restaurants and CloudKitchen® Delivery Kitchen establishments everywhere are making it a priority to match this trend and furnish infrastructure that allows cashless payments to happen seamlessly.

The growth of delivery kitchens

As a concept that brings better cost efficiency to F&B businesses and allows them to better thrive in unpredictable seasons, CloudKitchen® Delivery Kitchens are a trend certain to continue throughout 2022 and beyond. Lower price points and instant access to already established customer bases in locales in India are just a few of the many benefits this modern-day solution offers.

Interested in starting your own delivery kitchen in India? Fill up the form at the bottom and we will provide you with all the assistance you need. 

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