September 23, 2022

10 tips for Indian restaurants to thrive on food delivery apps


The online food delivery market is a burgeoning industry worldwide, let alone in a country like India with a population of over 1.3 billion people. Revenue in the sector is forecast to hit US$12.14 billion this year, while the number of users ordering food online through the many apps available is expected to reach 519.8 million in 2027.  With so much competition out there, it can be hard to get noticed. How then can your restaurant thrive on food delivery apps?

Don’t fret; KitchenPlus has your back with these 10 tips that will boost your presence on food delivery apps and skyrocket your sales! Your restaurant can thrive on food delivery apps in no time.

  1. A memorable name
  2. Add menu items to your name
  3. Pick the right categories
  4. Appetising pictures
  5. Attractive promotions
  6. Superb ratings
  7. Striking images
  8. Combos and sets for the masses
  9. Wide range of prices
  10. Utilise the decoy effect

1. A memorable name


Since your restaurant or CloudKitchen® delivery kitchen’s name is the first thing people see when scrolling through food delivery apps, it is important to ensure it is memorable. When customers order food online, businesses with a cool or trendy name will immediately catch their eye. 

However, it is also necessary to clarify what type of food you serve. For example, if you specialise in Indian cuisine, you need to include that after the name of your eatery. This is useful for search engine optimisation as numerous people will be hungry for Indian food daily. This means you have the opportunity to make inroads into this customer base and get them to order food online when they come across your establishment.

2. Add menu items to your name

Add menu items to your name

When showing off the tantalising food your F&B business specialises in, it is recommended that you use the generic name of the item and add the name of your restaurant after. Let’s say one of the signature dishes on your menu is a scrumptious chicken makhani, make sure you include this along with the moniker of your establishment. 

Why is this necessary? In a nutshell, it will boost the chances of your restaurant being discovered by people who are ordering food online and searching for that particular item. 

3. Select your categories

Select your categories

Many people who use food delivery apps when ordering food online often use categories to help them search for what they are looking for. Since this happens regularly every day, you must clearly state what type of food your restaurant or CloudKitchen® delivery kitchen serves, whether it be Indian, Chinese, or Japanese cuisine. 

You can add more categories if your eatery specialises in serving healthy food or has vegan options. This also applies to restaurants that combine flavours from different cuisines, such as Indian and Italian food. 

4. A proper picture


The main picture you use to advertise your restaurant on food delivery apps has to stand out and lure customers in. The last thing you want to do is make them lose their appetite with a grainy image that doesn’t make your dishes look appetising! When uploading a photo, ensure it is not pixelated and is a true representation of your food rather than an image found on another website. In regards to graphics, avoid them as much as possible, along with text. The only exception is for the logo of your business. 

5. Promos go a long way

use promos

Many of the food delivery platforms out there make use of promotions to entice people to place orders. When this happens, you better take advantage of it by providing a special offer of your own, as it is a great way to tap into a larger customer base and gain new patrons. 

Be sure to have regular promotions and discounts for certain holidays, milestones, events or if you have introduced a new item on your menu that you want people to try. 

6. Top ratings


Many customers check the reviews and ratings of restaurants online before ordering any food from them. Essentially, they want to get a good idea of whether the dishes are consistently delicious. This is especially true for new diners or those who have been recommended by family or friends. 

So many factors can increase or decrease your rating on food delivery apps. It includes:

  • Customer rating
  • Reorder rating
  • New customer orders
  • Profile completion
  • Order completion
  • Promo participation

7. Crystal-clear images


Before uploading any photos to your online menu, make sure it is taken by a professional to make your food stand out. This will encourage people interested in ordering something to eat to pick your business instead of going to one of your competitors. Don’t worry about not being able to find a food photographer, as there are so many out there! 

8. Combinations and different-sized sets

combos of different sizes on delivery apps

Plenty of people ordering food online will make large orders for parties of four, six or even eight. With that in mind, as a restaurant owner, you must cater to this demand and offer combinations and different sets that will feed this many people. Here’s some advice for you as well – include what dishes are included in every combo and specify how many people it will serve. 

9. Fluctuating prices

In India, not everyone is going to have the same purchasing power. As a result, you must have items on your menu at low, medium and high prices to cater to everyone. If you offer this service on online food delivery apps, expect many more people to be ordering from you. 

10. Make use of the decoy effect

decoy effect

The decoy effect is a strategy that has been adopted by many restaurants and CloudKitchen® delivery kitchens that have dishes that come in various sizes. Customers will consider whether they want the smallest or biggest portion in such cases. Upon weighing up their decision, most generally opt for the medium size as they believe it is the best value for money and will satisfy their appetite. 

Time to grow your business

Since there is no end in sight to the trend of people ordering food online, it is essential that you utilise these tips and use them to ensure your restaurant or CloudKitchen® delivery kitchen’s will thrive on India’s most widely-used food delivery apps. If you get everything right, the possibilities of how big your business can grow are endless! Considering opening your own CloudKitchen® delivery kitchen in India? Fill out the form below or reach out to us.

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