April 08, 2022

5 Innovative Ways to Improve Your Restaurant’s Menu


All F&B business owners face a difficult challenge: Standing out against the competition. Increasing business, attracting new customers, and converting them into repeat customers are all very important business goals to meet, which isn’t easy in such a competitive space. One basic way to help achieve your goals is by creating or redesigning your restaurant’s menu to make it as effective as possible. How can you do this? Keep reading to get our five new ideas to improve the menu of your restaurant or CloudKitchens® delivery kitchen and stand out from the crowd.

A quick look at the F&B industry in India

Before we jump into the five ways to refresh the menu for your restaurant, let’s have a quick look at the state of the F&B industry in India. Revenue in this segment is projected to grow 8.6% annually, reaching US$476,177m by 2025.

It’s clear that India’s F&B market is growing quickly, especially in the area of online food ordering delivery, which makes competition all the more fierce. If you want to stake your claim, having a standout menu is a great place to start.

#1. Use amazing photography to highlight your signature dishes

It’s true what they say: You eat with your eyes first. There’s no denying that how your food looks create the first impression of how it will taste. If you want to get customers’ mouths watering at first glance, a new idea when undergoing a menu revamp is to feature amazing photos of your food offerings.

You’ll especially want to highlight your signature dishes – whether that’s traditional favourites like Tikka Masala, Pani Puri, or Pav Bhaji – with professional-level photography that will entice customers to place their food orders. Don’t forget that sometimes all it takes is an appetising image to boost cravings and orders!

#2. Make a positive first impression

The reality is that if your restaurant menu makes a negative first impression, you’ve already lost customers. That’s why you must focus on making every element of your menu come together to create an appealing look – including the layout, design, layout, images, colour scheme and menu items.

Keep this in mind: studies show it takes 109 seconds for readers to scan a menu. This means that your CloudKitchens® delivery kitchen has less than two minutes to create a positive first impression and win over new regulars. Also, consider that customers tend to focus more on the first and last items listed on a vertical menu, so a new idea you can implement is to place your best dishes in these areas.

#3. Make a splash with colour

A critical element of attractive menu design is implementing a pleasant, balanced colour scheme. Whether you choose to use bold colours to make your menu items pop or neutral colours to communicate an earthy, clean vibe – make sure your colours are in sync with how you want your customers to feel. The last thing you want to do is overwhelm or turn off users with an off-putting colour choice.

Another colour design approach that works well with new menus is using a colour palette that inherently communicates the type of cuisine your restaurant or CloudKitchens® delivery kitchen specialises in. For example, if you offer Italian cuisine, using a palette of green, red, and white is an obvious choice. Similarly, a vegetarian eatery could incorporate a range of green and neutral tones to leverage its brand image.

#4. Use appetising food descriptions

Up there with the importance of quality visuals is the power of the written word. When a menu item catches a customer’s eye, the first thing they do after that is read the description. If what they see (and read) whets their appetite, they’re much more likely to place an order. That’s why using descriptive language is so important. To begin, analyse the names of your dishes and descriptions, and determine how effective the language is in conjuring up a tempting dish worth ordering.

The most effective tactics include descriptive terms and buzzwords to make your restaurant menu both appetising and persuasive. Consider innovative ideas, such as using new terms like “oven-roasted, “fire-grilled”, “locally sourced”, “artisanal” and “homemade”, that appeal to customers’ minds and appetites.

#5. Showcase seasonal specials and classics

When it comes to food, everyone loves a well-made classic. Many restaurants and CloudKitchens® delivery kitchens find that they can’t go wrong when they offer traditional favourites on their menu. If you don’t already do so, adding a timeless classic to your menu’s current offerings is a new and excellent idea to revamp your restaurant’s menu and grab attention.

Showcasing seasonal specials and limited-time offerings is another smart approach to keeping your menu fresh and buzzworthy. Feel free to add your own twist to such special offerings that will give all of your customers a memorable dining experience. This approach also encourages diners to recommend your CloudKitchens® delivery kitchen to their network and even share your menu on the social media platforms they are active on.

A revamp is on your restaurant’s menu

A basic way to make your restaurant or CloudKitchens® delivery kitchen shine is having a top-notch menu. This means having a menu that checks off all the boxes – looks good, reads well, and communicates quality on every level. Remember that your menu serves as your restaurant’s primary selling tool, and it’s where the customer experience with your business begins, so it’s imperative to get it right. Implementing new menu ideas will let your eatery reap the rewards of acquiring loyal customers and boosting new and repeat business.

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