The software that runs it all

We've designed our software for the restaurateurs, chefs, and culinary teams behind the scenes and in need of smart kitchen technology. Instantly connect to our technology to transform your kitchen into a smart space where you can manage all orders through a single app, predict demand, and increase the return on your food.

/ Overview

Cooking up the technology

The F&B world is ever-changing. Keeping ahead of recent trends and running an efficient delivery-focused kitchen is no easy task - our technology and team are here to help so you can focus on your food.

Connect all your delivery platforms

By easily adding and removing delivery platforms through one tablet, you can connect to all the major delivery platforms in your area without needing to manage separate workflows.

Manage orders easier than ever

Juggling orders from different places is hectic, disorganised, and stressful. Keep everything running through one single tablet at the centre of your kitchen and get access to order and performance data through our innovative food technology.

Create more order demand

More customers means more growth: it's a simple formula. We'll help facilitate order demand through data-driven delivery app marketing and drive your success in a delivery-centric world.

Multiple brands in one space

Tap into an entirely new customer base and leverage more than one brand in a single smart kitchen space.

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/ Technology

Everything is in your hands

The centre of your delivery kitchen is the software right in the tablet you’re holding. Take advantage of the advanced technology that lets you run your business smoothly, efficiently, and like never before.


Sync your delivery services

Connect your delivery services to a single tablet.


Manage your menus

Quickly delete items and manage your menus on the fly



Get a quick 360-degree view of your delivery business


Manage your orders

Toggle between auto-confirming orders or manually confirming.


Get accurate reports

Export your reports and data onto valuable spreadsheets


Access your history

Get your order history to keep track of everything.

A whole lot more

  • Order history / details
  • Order pausing
  • Manage and sync menus
  • Courier tracking
  • Custom prep times
  • 3rd party couriers
  • Powerful reporting
  • 24/7 support
  • Connect all delivery apps to a single tablet
  • Merge order data to create actionable insights
  • Auto-accept and confirm orders
  • 86 items

Virtually everything for your smart kitchen rental space