GTB Nagar, Delhi

Plot Nos. N, O and P, Savitri Market, Shopping Centre, Tagore Park, Delhi 110009

Situated in an area home to a huge student population, GTB Nagar kitchens also cater to over 1.5 million people in the vicinity. Such a strategic location offers plenty of growth potential.

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A facility for restaurants catering to Delhi

Get started with a ghost kitchen space in GTB Nagar and start selling for both delivery orders and local pick-up. With plenty of students nearby, you’ll have a steady stream of orders. 


Wide delivery area

Such a wide delivery area ensures consistent orders


Huge population

Plenty of residents within a 15-minute drive


Thriving student population

Plenty of students nearby that use delivery services on the regular


Delivery & pick-up

Facility is capable of doing both delivery and pick-up orders

/ Location

Plot Nos. N, O and P, Savitri Market, Shopping Centre, Tagore Park, Delhi 110009

Food delivery businesses operating in GTB Nagar are able to sell to a growing population of over 1.5 million residents nearby, while its location in a busy marketplace ensures plenty of foot traffic too. 

1.5 millionpeople

within 15 minute drive

>20key delivery


>140kdelivery orders

every week

  • State-of-the-art dark kitchen at Arden street
  • 342,180 households in the area
  • Highly populated area a 1,550,383 population
  • Estimated 142,082 orders every week

Kitchen types


Large kitchen

~230 sq ft

For larger, pre-existing or multinational food chains, larger kitchen spaces offer the breathing room needed to incorporate larger teams, more complex processes, and more kitchen equipment.

Suitable cuisine


Chinese food


Western Fast food


Asian Food


Standard kitchen

~150 sq ft

Standard kitchens are standard in nothing other than name. You’ll find the same hi-tech equipment in here as you will in the larger kitchens - just on a slightly smaller scale and with a smaller price tag.

Suitable cuisine


Chinese Food


Asian Food


Western Food


Small kitchen

~100 sq ft

If you’re a smaller food delivery brand or just want to test out a new cuisine, market, or neighbourhood, consider starting out in a small kitchen. With short-term leases, upgrading is neither time-consuming nor a problem.

Suitable cuisine


Western Fast food




Asian Food

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