Noida, Sector 4

KitchenPlus B-32, Block B, Sector 4 Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301 India

Located in an independent building in the heart of Delhi and caters to half a million residents in the nearby neighbourhood. Make the shift into CloudKitchenⓇ delivery kitchen spaces and grow your business now. 

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Kitchen spaces in Noida ready to pump out delivery orders

Moving into these kitchen spaces gives food delivery businesses the opportunity to tap into a relatively low-competition market that is dense with upscale residential complexes and high-income earners.


Dense residential area

More people in a smaller area means more orders nearby


High-income population

The nearby population is ready to spend on your food


Wide delivery area

Orders from all over area easily fulfilled


Independent building

Your only neighbours are other KitchenPlus spaces

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KitchenPlus B-32, Block B, Sector 4 Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301 India

Restaurants at Noida have a population of over 500,000 residents to cater to, with a delivery area that covers many of the surrounding neighbourhoods.


around the kitchen


Noida caters to


from New Delhi

  • High purchasing power per capita
  • 342,180 households in the area
  • Reach out to a huge population of 1,550,383
  • Receive an estimated 142,082 weekly orders

Kitchen types


Large kitchen

~230 sq ft

At 230 sq ft, our large kitchen spaces are designed for restaurateurs that want a bit more breathing room for their teams. These spaces are more than capable of accommodating more complex production lines and can pump out plenty of orders at peak hours. 

Suitable cuisine


Chinese food


Western Fast food


Asian Food


Standard kitchen

~150 sq ft

Standard kitchens are the perfect compromise between cost-saving and size. If you don’t think your brand will need the size of a large kitchen right off the bat, start with a standard - and move up as your brand grows thanks to short-term leases and our flexibility. 

Suitable cuisine


Chinese Food


Asian Food


Western Food


Small kitchen

~100 sq ft

For brands with less complex kitchen arrangements or new start-ups, small kitchen spaces can be all they need. Why pay for anything more when you can get everything you need and fulfil all your orders in a smaller space?

Suitable cuisine


Western Fast food




Asian Food

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