Take your restaurant's delivery sales to new heights.

Success doesn't come easy, but it's our mission to provide you with everything you need to smash your growth goals in our virtual kitchens. Our customer growth specialists are here to help you launch marketing campaigns, optimise your strategy, and more.

/ Virtual Brands

Make money in more than one place


Streamlined operations

Optimise your restaurant's exposure, capture the attention of more people, and convert them into customers.

Maximise exposure

More platforms equals more exposure. We can help you get a foot in other marks like B2B, corporate, and more.

Data-driven marketing campaigns

Data and factual insights are the backbone of all our campaigns. We help you grow your digital presence so you can concentrate on perfecting your food.

Same good food, new face

Get the most out of your kitchen space by creating more brands based on your menu.

Stand out from the crowd

Understanding the local market and customer trends is how we take your restaurant from a local sensation to a national treasure.

/ How it Works

Take your restaurant to the next level with a virtual kitchen

Shadow kitchens make growing, scaling, and expanding your business a natural business progression, rather than a pipe dream. Rather than waiting for dine-in customers to leave their seats, why not focus on the near-unlimited number of food delivery orders streaming in?


We handle branding

We're experienced in creating and growing the best virtual brands in the world


You cook your best food

In a virtual kitchen, you'll have more time to prioritise cooking good food.


They deliver for you

Delivery services like Swiggy, Zomato, and more pick up food from a centralised place


You never pay us

Rather than organising rent payments, we'll just send you a cheque with all your weekly earnings.

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